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Gasless Laparoscopy with Conventional Instruments: The Next Phase in Minimally Invasive Surgery
R. Stephen Smith, M.D. & Claude H. Organ, Jr., M.D.
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The world's first book on gasless laparoscopy, a technique that substitutes a planar lifting device for conventional laparoscopy's carbon dioxide gas (pneumoperitoneum). The gasless technique avoids some of the risks and technical inconveniences associated with pneumoperitoneum, and also allows surgeons to use conventional reusable instruments, thus retaining tactile sensation lost in some of the instruments developed for conventional laparoscopy. Chapters in the book discuss the application of gasless laparoscopy to a wide range of operations, including biliary tract surgery and cholecystectomy, bowel resection, herniorrhaphy, and various gynecological procedures. Also included is a full discussion of the use of gasless laparoscopy in trauma surgery. Illustrated with 56 plates (35 in color) and 11 charts.

153pp. 56 plates (35 in color). 7" × 10". Hardcover, acid-free paper. ISBN 978-0-930405-61-8. NP28756. 1993. Surgical Innovations, No. 1. $50.


About the Authors

Claude H. Organ, Jr., M.D. (1928-2005), a former editor of Archives of Surgery, was Professor in the Department of Surgery, University of California, Davis, and Chariman, University of California, Davis-East Bay Surgical Residency Program, Oakland, California.  From 1984 to 1986 he served as Chairman of the American Board of Surgery.  The author of more than 140 papers and chapters in books, especially pertaining to general and endocrine surgery, Dr. Organ lectured on surgery throughout the world, was a visiting professor at many institutions, and received numerous awards and honorary degrees.

At the time this book was published, R. Stephen Smith, M.D. was Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery, University of California, Davis-East Bay, Oakland, California, and also Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.  The author of 26 papers, Dr. Smith is particularly interested in the surgery of trauma.  With W.R. Fry, he is co-author of the chapter on Cervical Vascular Trauma in Blaisdell, F.W. & Trunkey, D.D., Eds., Cervicothoracic Trauma, second edition, 1993.


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