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Scientists’ Libraries: A Handlist of Printed Sources Ellen B. Wells

Originally published in Annals of Science 40 (1983): 317-389


Among those materials frequently given low priority for processing by libraries for their permanent shelves are catalogues from antiquarian book dealers. Yet many are useful to historians of science, particularly those listing books and manuscripts owned by scientists and men of science.

The libraries of a few famous and well-studied figures have been described, for example, Boyle and Ray. Otherwise unheralded persons have had their collections revealed, such as Ugolino d’Inghilterra (died 1294), by means of articles on their estate inventories. But many await their researchers, almost lost in card catalogues, in bibliographies and in neglected corners of library acquisition departments.

This list is a preliminary survey and must be regarded as such. It cites about 1,200 titles relating to about 880 scientists. Addenda and corrigenda are requested. The list was compiled from bibliographic sources and by personal inspection of the large collections of book sales catalogues at the Library of Congress, the Grolier Club, and other repositories.

All but two of the scientists were men; 640 were physicians, 270 were American, and of the Americans, 220 were physicians. By profession, the most numerous of the non-physicians as a whole were, in descending order: mathematicians, botanists, chemists, naturalists, astronomers, zoologists and engineers. Well below them, under eighteen names in a category, came apothecaries, dentists, geologists and physicists (these latter would total fifteen if one included natural philosophers).

The two women were both physicians: Aletta Jacobs Gerritsen (Dutch, died 1929) who amassed a collection on feminism now at the University of Kansas, and Clara Barrus (American, died 1931) who was literary executor for the estate of naturalist John Burroughs, and who collected American autographs.


The bibliography lists primary and secondary publications concerning hooks and manuscripts collected by scientists. Although card catalogues or manuscript inventories of a given scientist’s library may exist, they are not included unless published.

Materials in Western European languages have been listed, of any date. Catalogues which offer for sale several collections lumped together, often indistinguishably, are mostly excluded.

The printed sources consist primarily of catalogues of collections: some compiled -by grateful libraries to whom these collections were donated, but for the most part they are sale catalogues published by auction houses disposing of estates. Many sale catalogues date from the year following the owner’s death; some from the later death of the widow. One collection, that of Boston physician James Hyndman, was sold well before his demise, in the year following his marriage.

The catalogues reflect the evolution of book collections from accumulation to real collection, honed to defined bibliophilic and bibliographic purposes. The earliest collections seem to be books accumulated as working tools, useful for the evidence of available information to the scientist. Literary collections developed as a fashionable cultural activity, particularly reflecting how nineteenth-century American physicians achieved income and leisure to read and collect. Collections built to show the development of early science, collected by scientists, seem to be a late nineteenth- or early twentieth-century phenomenon, exemplified by Sir William Osler and Herbert McLean Evans.

For ’scientist’ read: persons who have pursued scientific endeavours as well as those who had training in a field of science, engineering or medicine. This includes many ’non-degree’ people by modern standards, amateurs and cognoscenti of various descriptions, but described as ’men of science’.


The list is arranged alphabetically by the name of the scientist owner. Listed under the owner’s name (given in capital and small capital letters except where it is a cross reference) are sale catalogues by title, followed by any secondary material, listed alphabetically by author or compiler. Sale catalogues are given by title, inasmuch as the ’publisher’ is almost invariably the auction sale house.

Some titles, especially those given in Munby and McKay and unverified elsewhere, are greatly abbreviated. Pagination (not detailed) is given where found, with approximate number of titles cited (in lots if a sale, or items if a bibliography). As with titles, pagination may be incomplete or unknown.

Bibliographical citations are provided when considered to be useful, and when the item is not readily identified in major reference works such as the National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints. Added information is occasionally given, but generally eschewed. The style followed is that of the University of Chicago Press, A Manual of Style (Chicago, 1969), for the humanities.

Historical notes

The earliest surviving sale catalogue may be that of Lazarus Seaman, D.D., whose collection was sold in 1676.1A. N. L. Munby, British Book Sale Catalogues 1676-1800 (London 1977), p. 1. The earliest surviving sale catalogue of a scientist appears  to be that of the sale of Jean Riolan’s collection in 1654. Perhaps the earliest sale catalogue of an American scientist’s collection is that of mathematician Samuel Lee (1625-91) which was sold in 1693.

The book trade had begun to be recognizably differentiated in the mid-eighteenth century, as printers, editors and booksellers became separate professions and economic entities. Catalogues of books sold by these bookmen had been printed since the sixteenth century, the first one may have been Elzevier in Leyden, 1593.2G. Pollard, The Distribution of Books by Catalogue from the Invention of Printing to A.D. 1800 (Cambridge, 1965), p. 216. Many were printed on the occasions of the annual Frankfurt and Leipzig book fairs, as stock catalogues, called marts.

The practice of selling books by auction began in Leyden in the 1680s, when large Dutch collections came on the market, stimulating an interest in the antiquarian book trade. The sale of physician Richard Mead’s library in 1754 marks a watershed in a noticeable rise in prices of collectable books. By this time book auction sale catalogues were well established, and the format became relatively standardized, with broad subject arrangement, and some added annotations to the description of the books.3Ibid., p. 156. These annotations were influential not only in selling the books but ultimately in determining collecting trends. The French Revolution brought about the next great influx of books from large private libraries in what Graham Pollard would call the first Golden Age of book collecting.

By the end of the nineteenth century, the book trade had developed much as we know it now—booksellers of books in print, out of print and antiquarian booksellers, and even remainder dealers were-all flourishing.

The nineteenth-century libraries were fairly distinct from earlier libraries for several reasons. Men of prominence in preceding centuries had collected books as a facet of their public lives, as patrons of learning and of the arts and sciences. Their libraries were open to the small reading public. These collections, often assembled over several generations, were encylopaedic in nature and science books formed only one part of them. by the nineteenth century, there was a separation between private and public libraries.

Several factors contributed to the separation: the political upheavals in Europe brought many books on the market at the end of the eighteenth century. Rising literacy, a developing middle class interested in self-improvement and the material furnishings of upper class life, combined with the increasingly mechanized production of paper, printed books and cheaper binding. The specialization of education and professions added to an interest in and need for book collecting or accumulating in the first half of the nineteenth century. Public and lending (rental) libraries, purchase of books by subscription (or installment) also promoted reading.

The advent of the popular press and of books published in parts, as well as specialized periodicals, promoted reading as information, entertainment and for increasingly specialized groups.

Another stimulus to book collecting (as against accumulation for one’s professional work) was the appearance of guides for collectors. Bibliographies and catalogues of libraries had long been in existence, but two guides set purchasers in definite directions and gave them market information. Records of prices were included in Johannes Vogt’s Catalogus librorum rariorum, 1747, as did others which followed. In 1755, Guillaume Debure published what might be the first how-to book for collectors, the Museum Typographicum, expanded in the 1760s into seven volumes to become the Bibliographie Instructive, in which collectors were provided with suggestions on what to collect and how to identify the various editions. These guides sometimes assumed the same subject format as had the booksellers’ catalogues, and as had the renaissance church and noble libraries been arranged: theology, philosophy, jurisprudence, the arts, history.

Works of this nature have appeared ever since, the major ones available in the nineteenth century being those of Graesse, Brunet and Lowndes. By the end of the nineteenth century, special guides to parts of the published past appear, as the bulk of published titles mounted.

Jacques Charles Brunet’s Manuel du Libraire of 1865 listed nearly 32,000 titles. Of these, 5,700 were in science, 2,300 were in theology, 8,900 in literature and 11,600 in history. In his introduction, Brunet described main trends in collecting in the various areas. For instance, in jurisprudence, canon law of the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries was recommended. In science, he suggested books desirable for collecting were those that set out philosophical schools, or were distinguished by important discoveries. He had a personal preference for the fine eighteenth century natural history books, medicine and surgery before the seventeenth century and mathematics in Italy, France and Germany of the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries.

Guillaume Charles By, a surgeon whose library catalogue was published in 1809, was described in éloge as ’very interested in books that showed the progressive development of medicine’.4G. C. By, Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de feu M. By (Paris, 1809), pp. v -vii.

By the turn of the eighteenth to nineteenth century, the dealer stock catalogues were sometimes published annually, rather than on the occasion of an auction of a particular collection, which may have been a gradual development from book fair catalogues. Lackington of London, for instance, issued one in 1801 which had 21,868 numbered entries. Like many up to the mid-nineteenth century, there was a mixture of new and old materials.

The Lackington, Allen & Co., General Catalogue for 1815, listed well over 28,000 items, with many categories, including ’Curious, and rare books and manuscripts’. They were presented in sizes: folio, quarto, octavo and duodecimo. Most were religious, political and literary works of the seventeenth and eighteenth century, but perhaps as many as 50 of the 895 pages were devoted to medicine, chemistry, natural and experimental philosophy and mathematics. Newton’s Principia of 1687 sold for 12s. 6d.; LaPlace’s four-volume Méchanique Celeste, 1799, a new book, for £6 0s. 0d.

Henry Bohn’s 1840 catalogue, replete with printed material from the Phillips collection, arranged the 8,400 items by author, with a substantial subject index, focusing on Aldines, Elzeviers, English history and privately printed books. He placed no special emphasis on science. However, a Köhler catalogue from Leipzig (1850) listed 624 scientific books in a total of 3,347 offered. The costly ones were plate books of natural history. Catalogues for the more scholarly trade, at least in the sciences, were beginning to appear, and by mid-century many were listing batches of offprints under topic.

By the middle to late nineteenth century, the buying, selling and collecting of rare books had great appeal; societies of wealthier book collectors were founded in many countries, among the earliest being the Societe des Amis du Livre, founded in France in 1876, and the Grolier Club in 1884 in the United States. Ex-libris societies were formed for the purpose of encouraging artist-designed bookplates, collecting them and delving into their history. Annual compilations of book auction sales began to be published in 1888. The first edition of William Blades’ Enemies of Books appeared in 1880. Indeed, a golden age of book collecting flourished from the 1870s until the First World War.

While waiting for patients, James Wynn, a physician who moved to New York City in 1859, wrote a series of interesting newspaper articles published collectively in Private Libraries of New York. The collections he described often represented smaller pieces of the pie compared to the rather encylopaedic private libraries of the seventeenth and eighteenth century: now it was English literature, philosophy, jurisprudence, history of art, medicine, science.

After the First World War, the fashion or trend was to further reduce collection scope. Some collectors were proud of their small, exclusive, superb collections, displayed in a cabinet rather than occupying a whole library room, or wing of the establishment. There were now collectors of engineering between 1790 and 1820, or eighteenth-century dentistry or sixteenth-century herbals. I heard recently of several collectors specializing in cardiovascular disease!

Henri Beraldi, in an introduction to his personal catalogue of his collection, 1892, provided a maxim for his collecting philosophy: `Le plus beau, le plus rare, le plus pur’.5H. Béaraldi, Bibliothèque Henri Béraldi (Paris, 1934), p. 1.

As the centuries wore on, the numbers rose and content or style of libraries became more varied; more scientists collected, that is, deliberately sought to build collections on non-scientific topics. Even though the majority of physicians and others collected or accumulated books relating to their profession, some developed other lines. This trend in building special collections first appeared in the 1860s and has continued to the present day.

The non-scientific collections of scientists and physicians followed general trends in book collecting that were developing in America and Europe. Works in American history offered for sale in the 1860s suggest an interest in collecting Americana from the 1840s onward. Was this a time perhaps of rising patriotism in the United States? it was a physician, Nathan Broadsheet Shurtleff, who sold a copy of the Bay Psalm book in 1876. His library sold in 1,790 lots, very respectable for its time, but by no means exceptional. Other topical collections made by physicians in the 1880s and 1890s were: numismatics, botany and theology. By the 1880s, the word ’rare’ was often used to mean very old and scarce books. The distinction began to be made between a working scientific or medical library and a collection the contents of which were historical.

But few collections intended to show the history of science, engineering or medicine appeared before the end of the century. That is few which are presented in that manner. By the early nineteenth century, many collections of physicians featured some ’curious and rare’ books, but seemingly with no intention to use them as historical tools.

Late in the nineteenth century and early in the twentieth, the history of science and medicine began to develop into a discrete area of history: historical sections at professional meetings, journals, congresses; books about the history of science appear. Scholarly celebrations of anniversaries relating to famous scientific figures, such as Harvey, Faraday, Kepler, seem to be a twentieth century phenomenon.

In 1903, Schuyler Skaats Wheeler presented a landmark collection of books in electrical engineering to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers; in 1905, another American engineer and chemist, Willard Case, gave a smaller selection of works on electricity and chemistry to his home town library in Auburn, New York.

The great medical collectors, Klebs, Cushing and Osler particularly, stimulated collecting and study in the history of science and medicine and gave style to collecting competitively and cooperatively in one’s field of endeavour.

Osler exemplified the archtypical collector, scientific or otherwise. He had, by the turn of the century, consciously determined to develop a collection of books illustrating and supporting the history of medicine and science. With this in mind, and using available bibliographies, he visited bookshops and studied antiquarian book dealer catalogues and offers. He cabled for purchases, attended auctions, selected from books sent on approval, traded occasionally, and accepted gifts. He always visited book shops when traveling.6E. B. Wells, “Books for the Bibliotheca: Sir William Osler’s Book Bills”, Osler Library Newsletter, No. 26 (1977), 1-4.

At the 1918 American Medical Association meeting, Mortimer Frank exhibited 64 of his early medical books and provided a catalogue describing them. In the same year Lewis Pilcher issued his List of Books by Some of the Old Masters in Medicine and Surgery. Perhaps these could all be considered as predecessors of Herbert McLean Evans, considered by many to be one of the first, if not the first well-known history of science collectors.

Ernst Weil of London began to issue his antiquarian science catalogues in the 1930s; H. P. Kraus issued his Catalogue 10, Incunabula and Early Science in 1936. Henry Sotheran was another dealer to enter the market in the 1930s.

In examining sale or commemorative catalogues of scientists’ collections it is easy to view them as potential mirrors of the collectors’ mind, and in part this follows. But unless one knows the circumstances which led to collecting, these catalogues should be taken as only partial evidence. One cannot be certain that one is seeing a complete list of the collection. The widow or children may have kept parts which were not listed. In fact, for several scientists in this bibliography one finds second and third sales from a given collection taking place ten or fifteen years after his death. And if the collector himself compiled the catalogue, he may have excluded less interesting (to him) titles from the list.


Many people helped make this list less lacunar than it would otherwise be, and encouraged its compilation. I am especially grateful to the following: Toby Appel, Metuchen, N.J.; Silvio A. Bedini, Smithsonian Institution Libraries: Sylvia J. Churgin, Smithsonian Institution Libraries; Lilian Clarke, Cornell University Libraries: Douglas Lee, Grolier Club; Mary A. Rosenfeld, Smithsonian Institution Libraries: Susan Van Haften Mackler, Smithsonian Institution Libraries; Roger E. Stoddard, The Houghton Library, Harvard University; Philip J. Weimerskirch, Burndy Library: and Ronald S. Wilkinson, Library of Congress.

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Handlist: Bessel-C

BESSEL, FRIEDRICH WILHELM, 1784-1846, astronomer, mathematician. Systematisches Verzeichniss der in der Bibliothek der Königl. Universitäts Sternwarte zu Konigsberg enthaltenen Bücher. Königsberg: E. J. Dalkowski, 1852. It is believed that most of these books were collected by Bessel. Personal communication, Katharine Olesco, 1979.

Library. London: T. Ballard, 1730. British Museum List.

BIRNEY, DAVID BELL, 1862?-1906, physician.
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BLACKMAN, GEORGE CURTIS, 1819-1871, physician.
Catalogue. Library (f the late Geo. Blackman, M.D. Cincinnati, [1871?] 12 p.

BLAINVILLE, HENRI MARIE: DUCROTAY, 1777-1850, biologist, physician.
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Library and Other Property. [New York]: Merwin, 1905. 69 p., 1,015 lots. McKay 5922.

Books [from the library of Dr. William R. Blakeslee, of Coatesville, Pa.] [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1886. 32, 4 p., 263 lots. McKay 3290.

BLANCKLEY, apothecary.
Coins, Books, Etc., 1766. Munby, p. 64.

BLAND, ROBERT, physician.
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American Library. [New York]: Anderson, 1927. 2 pts., l,993 lots. McKay 9018, 9021.
First Editions of American and English Authors. New York: American Art Association/Anderson Galleries, 1937. 153 p.
French Literature of the XVIII-XIX Century, Standard Sets … [including the property of] William C. Braislin, Dr. of Brooklyn. New York: Parke-Bernet, 1943.

BRANNER, JOHN CASPER, 1850--1922. geologist.
Catalogue of the Brazilian Library of … [n.p., 1906] 247 p., typescript.

Verzeichniss der in die Verlassenschaft des … gehörigen Bücher … Wien: Jakob Bader, 1860. 64 p., 570 lots.
Brauer, August, 1863-1917, zoologist, SEE Waldeyer-Hartz, Wilhelm von.

BRENDEL, CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH, 1776-1861, engineer.
Verzeichniss der hinterlassenen Bibliothek des … [et al., including Med. Dr. F. Lutter in Carlsbad] … Leipzig, T. O. Weigel, 1862. 381 p., 10,678 lots.

BRESCHET, GILBERT, 1783-1845, physician, anatomist:
Catalogue des Livres composant la Bibliothèque de feu … Paris: Henri Labitte, 1846. 196 p., 2,096 lots.
BRICON, PAUL, 1848-1889, physician.
Catalogue de Livres de Médecine et de Littérature composant la Bibliothèque de … Paris: Lecrosnier et Balé, 1889. 15 p.

Books Relating to tile Civil War [from the collection of Dr. E. H. Brigham of Boston] [Boston]: Libbie, 1899. 115 p., l,418 lots. McKay 4984.

The Valuable Botanical Library of the Late … of Philadelphia. [Philadelphia: S. V. Henkels, 1895] 26 p. Their catalogue no. 736.

BRITTON, THOMAS, 1654--1714, fuel supplier.
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Catalogues of the very valuable Library of the late W J. Broderip, Esq. of Gray’s Inn, F.R.S., V.P.G.S … . [London]: S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson, 1859. 53 p., 702 lots.

BROEKHUIZEN, BENJAMIN VAN, d. c. 1686, physician.
Catalogus librorum theologicorum, juridicorum … medicorum … [London]: W. Cooper, 1684, c. 85 p.

BROGNIART, ADOLPHE THEODORE, 1801-1876, geologist.
Catalogue des Livres d’ Histoire Naturelle composant sa Bibliothèque. Paris,1876.

BROGNIART, ALEXANDRE, 1770-1847, paleontologist, botanist.
Catalogue des Livres composant sa Bibliothèque Scientifique. Paris, 1858.

BROMET, WILLIAM, physician.
Catalogue of Books, from the Library of the late … [London]: Puttick and Simpson, 1850. 15 p., 313 lots.

BROWN, ALFRED JEROME, b. 1878, physician.
The Fine Library of a Surgical Historian, sold by Order of Alfred Brown, M.D. New York: Swann, 1949. 291 lots.

BROWNE, EDWARD, 1644-1708, physician.
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BRUGMANS, SEBALD JUSTINUS, 1763-1819, physician, botanist, chemist.
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Ontleedkunde (De Collectie Brugmans). Reprinted from Natuur, vol. 50, 1930, in 20 p.

Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliothèque de Feu le Citoyen J. J. Brunet, Membre de la ci-devant Société Royale des Sciences de Montpellier. Montpellier: Renaud, An VIII [1800] 248 p. Includes his scientific instruments.

Catalogue of a Choice and Well Selected Collection of Books on Angling. [New York]: Merwin, 1913. 69 p., 540 lots. McKay 7298. The property of Dr. Edward F. Brush of Mt. Vernon, New York.

BUC’HOZ, PIERRE JOSEPH, 1713-1807, physician.
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BUTTON, GEORGES LOUIS LECLERC, comte de, 1707-1788, biologist.
Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliothèque de Feu M. Mirabeau CAiné … Paris: Rozet et Belin, 1791. xxvi, 440 p. Includes much of Buffon’s library, pp. 160-212.

Library and Other Property [of Dr. Alonzo Brayton Bull of New York]. [New York]: Anderson, 1909. 116 p., 1,068 lots. McKay 6637.

Part of the Library [of Dr. William Merrill Bullard] [New York]: Anderson, 1914. 49 p., 560 lots. McKay 7403.

BULLARD, WILLIAM NORTON, 1853-1931, neurologist.
Ballard, James Francis. Medical Incunabula in the William Norton Bullard Collection. [Boston], 1927. 10 p.
------. A Catalogue of Medical incunabula Constituting the William Norton Bullard Loan Collection … Boston, 1929. 75 p. 250 copies printed.

BURBANK, REGINALD, b. 1888, immunologist.
Rouss, Mrs. Peter W. Sets in Fine Bindings … from the Collection of … Colored Plate and Sporting Books from the Collection of Reginald Burbank … [et al.] [New York]: American Art Association, Anderson Galleries, 1937. 237 p.

BURCKHARD, JOHANN HEINRICH, 1676-1738, physician.
Biblioteca Burckhardiana: sive: Catalogus librorum !oh. Burckhardi, Med. D. et Duc. Brunsv. Luncb. Archiatri. Helmstadii: Typis Drimbornianis. 1743-1744.2 vols. in l. Musei Burckhardiani Tomus I complectens bibliothecam in IV partes distributam Wolfenbüttel and Leipzig, 1750. Reissue of the above, cf. Taylor, p. 235.

BURCKHARDT, JOHANN KARL, 1773-1825, mathematician.
Notice des Principaux Ouvrages composant la Bibliothèque de Feu M. Burckhardt … Paris: Gibé et P. Corneille, 1825. 34 p.

BURETTE, PIERRE JEAN, 1665-1747, physician.
Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de Feu M. Burette. Paris: Gabriel Martin, 1748. 1,092 p. in 3 vols., 10,191 lots.

BURGES, JOHN, physician.
Library. London: Leigh & Sotheby, 1807. British Museum List.

BURKE, FRANCIS M., physician.
Library [of Dr. Francis M. Burke of Brooklyn] [New York]: Merwin, 1912. 80 p., 545 lots. McKay 7185.

BURMAN, PIETER, 1668- 1741, physician.
Catalogus rarissimorum & praestantissimorum librorum, qui in thesauris … Leidae, 1725.
Bibliotheca Burmanniana, sive catalogue librorum … Lugduni Bat., 1742. 344 p. Waller 18186.

BURNETT, SWAN Masts, 1848-1906, physician.
Library. [New York]: Merwin, 1906. 141 p., 1,460 lots. McKay 6118.

BURTON, JOHN EDGAR, b. 1847, mining engineer.
Catalogue of the … Library of … of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin … [New York: D. Taylor for Bangs, 1902] 3 vols. in l.
The Large and Important Library of John E. Burton … New York: Anderson, 1915--1916. Parts l-6, 1915-1916.

BUSHE, GEORGE MACARTNEY, 1797?-1836, physician.
Library (Anatomy, Surgery, Medicine). Boston: Cookley and Bangs, 1837. 23 p. McKay 260.

BUSHNELL, CHARLES IRA, 1826 1883, physician.
Catalogue of the Library, etc., of the late … Comprising his Extensive Collection of Rare and Curious Americana … Compiled by Alex’r Denham. New York, 1883.

BUTLER, JOHN, 1844-1885, physician.
Medical and Miscellaneous Library and Other Property. [New York]: Leavitt, 1886. 26 p., 449 lots. McKay 3318.

BY, GUILLAUME CHARLES, 1747?-1809?, physician.
Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de Feu M. By, Membre des ci-devant Collège et Académie de Chirurgie. Paris: Merlin, 1809. xv, 211 p., 2,079 items. C***, physician.
Catalogue des Ouvrages de Médecine, Histoire Naturelle et Littérature,composant la Bibliothèque de Feu M. le docteur … Paris, 1891.

CADE, SALUSBURY, 1660-1720, physician.
Part of the Library … London: T. Corbett’s shop, 1721. British Museum List.

CAGNOLI, JACOPINO, fl. 1280-1345, physician.
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Books … sold at Blandford, Appomattox River, Va, August 20, 1752. Belonging to Dr. Ebenezer Campbell. "A catalogue of the books, medicines, &c., … may be seen." Cf. McKay 53a.

CANDEZE, ERNEST CHARLES AUGUSTE, 1827-1898, entomologist.
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CANDEZE, ERNEST CHARLES AUGUSTE, 1827-1898, entomologist.
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COHEN, JACOB DA SILVA SOLIS, 1838-1927, physician.
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[COMBE CHARLES], 1743-1817, physician.
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------. Continuation. [London, 1688].

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COTTON, Mr., surgeon.
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COURT, J., physician.
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COWLUM, physician.
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COXE, JOHN REDMAN, 1773-1864, physician.
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CREGUT, FRIEDRICH CHRISTIAN, 1675--1758, physician.
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CRESSY, NOAH, 11. 1872, physician and veterinarian.
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CRIMM, WILLIAM HENRY, 1845-1902, physician.
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CRUMMER, LEROY, 1872-1934, physician.
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CULLEN, WILLIAM, 1710-1790, physician.
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Handlist: D-F

DAHL, FRIEDRICH, 1856-1929, zoologist.
Arthropoda. Alte and neue Werke zur Morphologic, Biologie, . . . Hierin die Bibliothek des Herrn Professors Dr. F. Dahl, wielaud Abetilungsleiter am Zoologischen Museum in Berlin. Munchen: Alfred Dultz, 1930. 48 p., 1,368 items.

DALE, THOMAS SIMONS, 1700-1750. Library [to be sold at] Charleston, S.C., 22 January 1750- 51. "A catalogue may be seen." Cf. McKay 50A.

DANA, CHARLES LoomI,s, 1852-1935, physician.
Poetry and the Doctors. A Catalogue … Woodstock, Vt.: Elm Tree Press, 1916. 83 p. "Poetical Work of Physicians"; pp. l-78, discusses books in the library of Dr. Dana. Sets, First Editions, Extra Illustrated Books [of Dr. Charles Loomis Dana and Dr. Guy Beckley Stearns, both of New York City]. [New York]: American Art, 1927. 630 lots. McKay 8994.

DANYAU, ANTOINE CONSTANT, 1803-1871, physician.
Catalogues des Livres Anciens et Modernes. Paris: Léon Techener, 1872. 311 p., 2,035 lots.

DARGENT, JAMES, physician.
Library. London: Leigh & Sotheby, 1810. British Museum List.

DARWIN, CHARLES ROBERT, 1809-1882, naturalist.
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DAVENPORT, W. F., physician.
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DAVIDSON, LYNVAL, E., dentist.
An Extensive Offering of Fine Press Books Collected by the Late. Lynval E. Davidson. Part I. New York: Parke-Bernet, 1969. 23 p., 199 lots.
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DAVIS, EDWIN HAMILTON, 1811-1888, physician.
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DEAN, WILLIAM K., physician.
Library and Other Property. [Boston]: Libbie, 1919. 110 p., 1,418 lots. McKay 8165.

De Bailleul, Karl Albert, b. 1856, SEE Chéreau, Achille, 1817-1885.

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DECAISNE, JOSEPH, J., 1807-1882, botanist.
Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de feu M. J. Decaisne: Botanique, Horticulture, Sciences N aturelles et Physiques, etc. Paris: A. Labitte, 1883. 485 p., 3,264 lots. Edition limited to 150 copies.

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------. Paris: Librairie de Fortin, 1845. 588 p.

DE: LISLE, ARTHUR, physician.
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DIBNER, BERN, engineer.
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DIGBY, Sir KENELM, 1603-1665, natural philosopher.
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DIMMOCK, Dr. [George?].
Part of Library; and Other property … [Boston]: Leonard, 1880. 19 p., 505 lots. McKay 2630.

DITTON, HUMPHREY, 1675-1715, mathematician.
Library [sale of 9 March 1715] Munby p. 26.

DIX, JOHN HOMER, 1811-1884, physician.
Libraries [with Dr. Alfred F. Holt] [Boston]: Libbic. 1891. 89 p. l,264 lots. McKay 3954.

Books [from the library of Dr. Joseph Kossuth Dixon] [Philadelphia]: Freeman, 1927. 23 p., 328 lots. McKay 8997.

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DOLEMAN, RICHARD, physician.
Library [sale of 10 September 1718] Munby, p. 28.

DONDERS, FRANCISCUS CORNELIS, 1818-1889, ophthalmologist.
Verzeichniss von Werken aus dem Gebiete der Gesamten Medicin aus dem Nacblasse des Herrn … Leipzig, 1890. 81 p.

DOUGLAS, JOHN, d. 1758?, surgeon.
Bibliotheca anatomico-medico-chirurgica. A catalogue of the genuine library of Mr. John Douglas, surgeon and lecturer in anatomy … [n.p., n.d.] Russell no. 125. 10 p.

DOUGLAS, JOHN HANCOCK, 1824-1892, physician.
Library and Other Property. [New York]: Bangs, 1892. 29 p., 614 lots. McKay 4117.

DOVE, JOHN, 1782-1876, physician.
Medical and Miscellaneous Libraries [of Dr. John Dove and John P. Tabb] [Richmond, Va.]: Laughton, 1878. 6 p., 452 lots. McKay 2372.

DRUMMOND, JOHN, physician.
Catalogus librorum Joannis Drummond, M.D. Edinburgi, 1741. 37 p. Waller 18317.

Du FAY, CHARLES JEROME DE CISTERNAY, 1692-1723, chemist.
Bibliotheca Fayana … digestus & descriptus a Gabriele Martin. Parisiis, 1725. xxii, 450, 107, [55] p. Waller 18320.

DUNGLISON, ROBLEY, 1798-1869, physician.
Catalogue of a Valuable Medical Library of the Late Robley Dunglison. Philadelphia: Selheimer [for] Davis & Harvey, [1872] 38 p., 907 lots.

DUNN, SAMUEL, d. 1794, mathematician, inventor.
A Catalogue of the Valuable Library and Mathematical Instruments, &c. [London]: Leigh and Sotheby, 1794. Munby, p. 94.

DUVEEN, DENIS IAN, b. 1910, chemist.
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Library; and Other Property [of Dr. Charles Eastham of Walden, Mass.] [Boston]: Libbie, 1887. 125 p., 2,040 lots. McKay 3524.

EASTMAN, ROBERT WATTS, b. 1853, physician.
Parts of Libraries [including Dr. Robert Eastman, and Dr. Samuel Ayres, both of New York, etc.] [New York]: American Art, 1914. 769 lots. McKay 7349.

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EDWARDS, ARTHUR MEAD, physician, naturalist.
Catalogue of the Libraries of A. M. Edwards and S. S. Haldeman, Forming a Valuable Collection of Works Relating to Natural History, Astronomy, Chemistry, Entomology, Medicine and Surgery … New York, 1881. 50 p.

EDWARDS, FRANCIS SMITH, 1826-1865, physician.
Coins &c., and Scrap Books, Numismatic Works, Autograph Letters, &c. [New York]: Bangs, 1865. 101 p., 2,907 lots. McKay 1081.

EGLE, WILLIAM HENRY, 1830-1901, physician.
Americana. [New York]: Anderson, 1907. McKay 6427. Selections from Library. [New York]: Anderson, 1908. 58 p., 661 lots. McKay 6470.
Part of Library. [New York]: Merwin, 1910. 24 p., 313 lots. McKay 6791.

ELLENBOG, ULRICH VON, c. 1430-1499, physician.
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ELLIS, JOHN, 1710?-1776, naturalist, botanist.
A Catalogue of the Entire and Valuable Library of a Gentleman … London: Leigh & Sotheby, 1813.

ELSÄSSER, CARL LUDWIG VON, 1808-1874, physician.
Bibliothek des Dr. C. L von Elsässer. Abt. l-2. Freiburg in Baden, 1874-5.

ELSBERG, Louis, 1837-1885, physician.
Surgical and Scientific Library. [New York]: Leavitt, 1886. viii, 53 p., 954 lots. McKay 3358.

EMMET, THOMAS ADDIS, 1828-1919, physician.
Books, Autographs, Extra-Illustrated Books … [New York]: Anderson, 1922. 88 p., 485 lots. McKay 8522.
Catalogue of the Library Belonging to Thomas Addis Emmet, M.D. New York: Bradstreet Press, 1868. 371 p.

ENDLICHER, ISTVAN LASZLO, 1804-1849, botanist.
Verzeichniss einer werthvollen Bücher-Sammlung aus der Verlassensschaft des … Wien: Jakob Bader, 1849. 47 p., 242 lots.

ENGLEMANN, THEODORE WILHELM, 1851-1931, physician.
Sammlung eines Schweizer Bibliophilen. Basel: Henning Oppermann vorm. Rudolf Geering, 1932. 123 p., 1336 lots.
English, Thomas, SEE Woodville, William, 1752-1805.

ENO, HENRY CLAY, physician.
Bookplates. [New York]: American Art, 1916. l,037 lots. McKay 7750.

ERHART, physician.
Library. London: Leigh & Sotheby, 1809. British Museum List.

ERLANGER, JOSEPH, 1874-1965, physiologist.
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ERNST, ADOLF, 1932-1899.
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ETTINGER, Amos ASCHBACH, b. 1901, physician.
First Editions, Press Publications, Early Printing .. Including the Property of Dr. Amos A. Ettinger of Allentown. New York: Parke-Bernet, 1938.

The Important Ornithological Library Formed by the Late Dr. Evan Morton Evans. New York: Parke-Bernet, 1955. 105 p., 540 lots.

EVANS, HERBERT MCLEAN, 1882-1971, physician, biochemist.
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EVANS, THOMAS SIMPSON, the elder, mathematician?
A Catalogue of the Entire Mathematical Library of Thos. Simpson Evans … Together with his Mathematical and Philosophical Instruments … [London: J. Compton for Sotheby, 1819?] 40 p.

[Sale of libraries of Dr. William Everett of Quincy, Mass., and Edward Everett, governor of Massachusetts … ] [Boston]: Libbie, 1910. 196 p., 2,131 lots. McKay 6888.

EVERHART, BENJAMIN MATLACK, 1818-1904, botanist.
Library (Works on Fungi, Natural History, Americana and General English Literature). [Philadelphia]: Thomas, 1905. 112 p., l,627 lots. McKay 6007.

FABRICIUS, HIERONYMUS, AB AQUAPENDENTE, 1533-1619, physician, anatomist.
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FAILLE, JACOB BAART DE LA, 1795-1867, physician.
Catalogus der Uitgebreide Bibliotheek Nagelaten door den Heer … Groningen: R. J. Schierbeek, 1868. 2 vols.
Catalogus der Nagelatene Bibliotbeek. Groningen: R. J. Schierbeek, 1868. 304 p., 7,303 lots.

FALCONET, CAMILLE, 1671-1762, physician.
Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de Feu M. Falconet Medecin Consultant du Roi. Paris: Barrois, 1763. 3 vols., 19,798 lots.

FARMER, RICHARD, 1735-1797, physician?
Lloyd, L. J. "Dr. Richard Farmer, 1735-97." Book Collector, 26 (Winter 1977): 524-536.

Catalogue of the Entire Astronomical, Chemical and Philosophical Library of the late … [London? Compton & Ritchie for Sotheby, 1827?] 49 p.

FERGUSON, JOHN, 1837 1916, chemist.
Catalogue of Books Selected from the General Literature Section of the … Library of the Late … London: Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 1920. 76 p., 954 lots.

FERRARI da GRADO, GIAMMATEO, d. 1472, physician.
Ferrari, M. Une Chaire de Medecine au XV Siècle. Paris, 1899. Includes list of books in Ferrari da Grado’s library. Bibliotheca Osleriana 6344.

Philological and Mathematical Library of Prof W. M. Ferriss of Bay Ridge, N.Y. [New York]: Anderson, 1908. 39 p., 617 lots. McKay 6543.

FINCHAM, WALTER, d. 1977, optician.
Voke, Janet. "The Walter Fincham Optical Book Collection." The Ophthalmic Optician, June 20, 1981, pp. 434-435. The Collection is now in the City University, London.

FISHBEIN, MORRIS, b. 1889, physician.
Chicago. University of Chicago Library. The Dr. Morris Fishbein Collection: and Exhibition … Chicago, The Library, 1972.
FLAMSTEED, JOHN, 1646 -1719, astronomer.
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FLETCHER, ROBERT, 1823-1912, physician, bibliographer.
Library. [New York]: Anderson, 1913. 88 p., 1,019 lots. McKay 7218.

FLINT, AUSTIN JR., 1812-1886, physician.
Catalogue of a Portion of the Medical Library. New York: Bangs, 1883. 38 p., 633 lots. McKay 2989.

FLÜCKIGER, FRIEDRICH AUGUST, 1828-1894, pharmacologist.
Katalog der Flückiger Bibliothek im Pharmazeutischen Institute der Universität Strassburg. Strassburg: Druckerei der "Strassburger Neuste Nachrichten," 1904. 159 p., l,938 items.

FOLKES, MARTIN, 1690-l 754, antiquary and man of science.
A Catalogue of the Entire and Valuable Library of Martin Folkes, Esq., President of the Royal Society. London, 1756. 156 p. Waller 18382.

FONTENETTES, LOUIS DE, d. 1661, physician.
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FORD, EDWARD, 1746-1809, surgeon.
Medical and Surqical Library. London: Maxwell & Wilson, 1809. British Museum List.

FORSTER, EDWARD JACOB, 1846-1896, physician.
Library: and Other Property. [Boston]: Libbie, 1896. 17 p., 371 lots. McKay 4551. FOTHERGILL, JOHN, 171’2-1780, physician.
Library. [London]: Leigh & Sotheby, 1781. Munby p. 78.

Catalogues des Livres de la Bibliothèque de Feu M. A. F. de Fourcroy. Paris: Tilliard Fréres, 1810.

FOURNIER, EDMOND, 1864-1938, physician.
Bibliothèque Fournier: Professeur Alfred et Dr. Edmond Fournier. Paris: L. Cateret, 1926. 274 p., 1,485 lots.

FOWLER, EDWARD PAYSON, 1833-1914, physician.
Library. [New York]: Leavitt, 1876. 53 p., 877 lots. McKay 2087.

FRANCIS, JOHN WAKEFIELD, 1789-1861, physician.
Catalogue of the Entire Private Library, both Medical and Miscellaneous. [New York]: Bangs, 1862. 126 p., 3,159 lots. McKay 952.
Portions of Libraries . . [New York]: Anderson, 1908. 60 p., 670 lots. McKay 6558. Autographs, Manuscript, Broadsides, Pamphlets. [New York]: Scott, 1917.52 p., 455 lots. McKay 7880.
Catalogue of the Wakefield Library, both Medical and Miscellaneous. New York: Bangs, 1862. 126 p., 3,159 lots.
The Francis Papers: Autographs, Manuscripts, Broadsides, Pamphlets … New York: Scott and O’Shaughnessy, 1917. 52 p., 455 lots.
"Dr. John W. Francis’ Library." In: Wynne, Private Libraries, pp. 231-244.

FRANK, MORTIMER, 1874-1919, physician.
Catalogue of an Exhibition of Items of Medico-Historical Interest, Exhibited by … at the 69th Annual Session of the American Medical Association … Chicago: [Toby Rubovits, Printer and Binder] [1918] 21 p., 64 items listed.

FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, 1706-1790, statesman, scientist.
Gray, Austin Kayingham. Benjamin Franklin’s Library. New York: Macmillan, 1937. xi, 80 p.
Hutton, Charles. A Catalogue of the entire expcnsive and very rare mathematical library of … , 1816, includes mathematical instruments of "the celebrated Dr. Franklin" on p. 80.
Wolf, E. "Reconstruction of Benjamin Franklin’s Library: an Unorthodox Jigsaw Puzzle." Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, 56 (1962): 1-16.

FREEDLEY, SAMUEL M., 1799-1866, physician.
Catalogue of Raft Botanical, Medical and Miscellaneous Books. Philadelphia: M. Thomas, 1887. 43 p., 799 lots.

Library; and Other Property [including books of Dr. Frederick A. Freeman of Boston] [Boston]: Libbie, 1884. 86 p., l,687 lots. McKay 3047.

FREUD, SIGMUND, 1856-1939, physician.
Harms, E. "A Fragment of Freud’s Library." Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 40 (1971): 491-495

FRICKE, ALBERT, 1815-1899, physician.
Medical and Miscellaneous Library; and Other Property. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1900. 42 p., 540 lots. McKay 5039.

Collection of Dr. E. Friedrich: Important Medical Books! History of Science. Auction Sale … Amsterdam: Menno Hertzberger, 1965. 40 p., 250 lots.

FRIEND, SIR JOHN, 1675--1728, physician.
Library. London: J. Cooper, 1729. British Museum List.

FROBESIUS, JOANNES NICOLAIUS, 1701-1756, philosopher, mathematician.
Bibliothecae Jo. Nicolai Frobesii … secundum disciplinas dispositae … Pars II. Litteris Bibliothecam, physiciam, medicam, mathematician et litterariam complectens. [Helmstadii: 1760] 462, 28 p., 2,053 and 337 lots

FRYER, EDWARD, 1761-1826, physician.
Catalogue of the Library of the Late … London: R. H. Evans, 1827. 19 p.

FUCHS, LEONHARD, 1501-1566, physician.
LeFanu, William Richard. "A Volume Associatod with Leonhardt Fuchs." Journal of the History of Medicine, 11 (1956): 344-346.

FUIREN, HENRIK, physician.
Bibliotheca medica Henrici Fuiren, medicinae doctoris experientissimi … Hafniae: vid. P. Hakii, 1659. 134 p. Waller 18399, Nielsen, p. 250, note 22.

FULLER, HORACE SMITH, 1835-1910, physician.
Library and Other Property. [New York]: Merwin, 1907. 113 p., 875 lots. McKay 6272.

FULTON, JOHN FARQUAHAR, 1899-1960, physician.
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----. "Portrait of a Bibliophile. IX: John Farquahr Fulton, 1899-1960." Book collector, 11 (1962): 427-436

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Handlist: G-H

Medical and Private Library. London: Stewart, Wheatley & Adlard, 1828. British Museum List.

GALILEI, GALILEO, 1564-1642, astronomer.
Favaro, Antonio. La Librcria di Galileo Galilei. Roma, 1887. 77 p. Originally published in Bullettino di Bibliographia e di Storia delle Scienze Matematiche e Fisiche.

Catalogue of a Collection of Books on Ornithology. New York: Privately Printed, 1908. 177 p.
The Frederic Gallatin, Jr. Collection of Books on Ornithology. [New York]: Anderson, 1921. 52 p., 465 lots. McKay 8302.

GALLOWAY, THOMAS, 1796-1851, mathematician.
Catalogue of the Valuable Astronomical & Mathematical Library of the late … [London?: Compton & Ritchie for Sotheby & Wilkinson, 1852?] 32 p.

GAUBIUS, HIERONYMUS DAVID, 1705-1780, pathologist.
Bibliotheca Gaubiana, sive Catalogue librorum … Lugduni Bat., 1783. 224 p. Waller 18417.

GAUSS, KARL FRIEDRICH, 1777-1855, mathematician.
Kuessner, Martha. Carl Fricdrich Gauss and Seine Welt der Bücher. Göttingen: Musterschmidt, 1979.

Sale Catalogue. [London]: T. Ballard, 1708. Fulton p. 90.

GAY-LUSSAC, JOSEPH Louts, 178-1850, chemist.
Crosland, Maurice. "The Library of Gay-Lussac." Ambix 28 (3), (1981): 158-170.

GEOFFROY [i.e., ? CLAUDE-JOSEPH, 1685-1752, chemist].
Catalogue des Livres et Estampes de Defunts M’rs. Geoffroy … Paris, 1754.

GEOFFROY SAINT-HILAIRE, ETIENNE, 1772-1844, naturalist.
Catalogue des Livres de Science … Composant la Bibliothèque (le Feu . . . Paris: J. F. Delion, 1845.

GERRITSEN, ALETTA H. JACOBS, 1854-1929, physician.
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GESNER, CONRAD, 1516-1565, physician, bibliographer.
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GEUNS, MATTHIAS VAN, 1735--1817, physician.
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GIBBARD, NICHOLAS, d. 1593, physician.
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GILBERT, JUDSON BENNETT, 1898---1950, physician.
Medical History and Biography from the Library of the Late … Schenectady, N.Y.: James C. Howgate, Bookseller, [1950] 16 p., 625 items.

GILBERT, WILLIAM KENT, 1827-1880, physician.
Bibliotheca Americana … Books, Pamphlets & Manuscripts. [New York]: Bangs, 1873. 152 p., l,524 lots. McKay 1749.
Catalogue of the Library of the late … [Philadelphia]: Leavitt, 1881. 153 p., 1,716 lots.

First Editions, Color Plate and Sporting Books. Sets [from the collection of Dr. Irvin M. Gilman of New York] [Newark, N.J.]: Ritter, 1933. 35 p., 202 lots. McKay 9564.

GLATTER, EDUARD, 1813-1876, physician.
Katalog zur Versteigerung der Bücher aus dcm Nachlasse des … Wien: August Prandel, 1877. 26, 8 p., c. 900 lots.

GLOVER, TOWNEND, 1813-1883, entomologist.
Wilkinson, Ronald Sterne. "Townend Glover’s Library and Manuscripts." Entomologists Record, 89 (1977): 55-56.

GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON, 1749-1832, poet, naturalist.
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Goldschmidt, Moritz, lecturer in botany? SEE Weiss, Johann.

Catalogue of the Library of the Late … [New York]: Merwin, 1905. 94 p., 974 lots. McKay 5934.

GOTSCHALL, WILLIAM CHARLES, 1870-1935, engineer, scientist.
New York State Library, Albany. The Gotschall Collection. Albany, 1960. 111 p., 360 items.

GOULD, AUGUSTUS ADDISON, 1805-1866, physician, conchologist.
Scientific, Medical and Miscellaneous Library. [Boston]: Leonard, 1867. McKay 1225.

GOULD, JOHN, 1804-1881, naturalist.
Catalogue of the Ornithological Library of the Late … London: Puttick and Simpson, 1881. 18 p., 301 lots.
GOWER, CHARLES, physician.
Library. London: S. Sotheby, 1821. British Museum List.

GRAEFFE, ALBERT FRIEDRICH WILHELM ERNEST VON, 1828-1870, physician. Medizinische und ophthalmologische Bibliothek. Berlin, 1871.

GRAFF, LUDWIG VON, 1851 -1924, zoologist.
Bibliothek des Professors der Zoologie und Vergle. Anatomic … [Graz? 1891?] 337 p. Waller 18443.

GRAY, ROBERT, physician.
Catalogus librorum … To be sold at Auction … by Thomas Ballard. [London, T. Ballard, 1730] l,770 lots. Bibliotheca Osleriana 7078.

GREEN, JESSE COPE, 1817-1920, dentist.
Autograph Letters. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1920. 64 p., 768 lots. McKay 8231.
Balance of Library. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1920. 70 p., 648 lots. McKay 8262.
Autograph Letters. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1920. 104 p., 871 lots. McKay 8267.
Autograph Letters. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1921. 40 p., 697 lots. McKay 8299.

GREGORY, EDWARD, astronomer.
A Catalogue of the Entire and Valuable Astronomical and Philosophical Library of the late rev. Edward Gregory … to Which is Added, his Collection of Astronomical and Optical Instruments. [London]: Sotheby, 1825. 26 p., 967 lots.

GREENACHER, [GEORG] HERMANN, 1843--1923, zoologist.
Evertebrata. Umfangreiche Sammlung von Werken und Schriften über Evertebraten (mit Ausschluss der Insekten und Mollusken) aus den Bibliothek des in deh Ruhestand getretenen Herrn Geh. Reg.—Rat Prof. Dr. H. Grenacher—Halle, und des vestorbene Herrn Professor Dr. F. Plateau—Gent. Leipzig: Max Weg, 1911. 150 p., 5,815 items. Zoologia Generalis. Eine Sammlung von Werken und Schriften zum grössten Teil aus den Bibliotheken der in den Ruhestand getretenen Herren … und Dr. Albert Günther (late Keeper, Brit. Mus. Nat. Hist.) London und des verstorbenen Herrn Professors Dr. F. Plateau, Gent. Leipzig: Max Weg, 1912. 97 p., 3,148 items.

GRISCOM, JOHN HOSKINS, b. 1809, physician.
Autographs; and Other Property, &c., and a few Catalogues. [Boston]: Cooley, [1865] 51 p., l,444 lots.

Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de Feu … Rotterdam, 1874.

GROSSMANN, JOH. BAPT., physician.
Verzeichniss der zehr werthvollen Bücher-Sammlung nach … Wien: Jakob Bader, 1850. 64 p., 1,529 lots.

GRUNER, CHRISTIAN GOTTFRIED, 1744--1815, physician.
Catalogus bibliothecae medicinae doctoris … Jenae, [1818] 362 p. Waller 18453.

GUNTHER, ALBERT CHARLES LEWIS, 1830-1914, zoologist.
Zoologie. Auswahl grösserer Werke und Zeitschriften meis aus den Bibliotheken der Herren Dr. Albert C. Günther (late Keeper Brit. Mus. Nat. Hist.), London, und Prof. A. Myèvre, Nizza. Leipzig: Max Weg, 1913. 42 p., 885 items.
Vertebrata. Mit vielien seltenen und schönen Werken aus der Bibliothek des Herrn Dr Albert Günther … Leipzig: Max Weg [1912?] Announced in catalog titled Zoologia generalis issued in 1912 by Weg.

SEE ALSO Grenacher, [Georg] Hermann.

Bibliotheca Gunziana, quam magno studio et sumptu sibi comparaverat. Dresdae: Typis Jo. Guil. Harpeteri, [1755], 472 p., 4,591 lots.

GUNTER, JASPER, physician.
Catalogus librorum, medicorum, mathematicorum, juridicorum, philologicorum. [London]: per Edvardum Millingtonum, 1684. 28 p.

HAEHL, RICHARD, 1873-1932, homeopathic physician?
Homöopathische Bibliothek Richard Haehl. Marburg: N. G. Elwert’schen Universitätsbuchhandlung, 1955. Cited in Bücher, Sammler, Antiquare. Haehl published a biography of Hahnemann in 1922.

HAHNEMANN, SAMUEL CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH, 1755-1843, physician, founder of
"Description of the Hahnemann Collection in Hahnemann Medical College." Hospital Tidings (Philadelphia), November 1935, pp. 9 12.

Library [of William H. Haldane, Cold Springs on the Hudson, New York] [New York]: Anderson, 1914. 35 p., 559 lots. McKay 7437.

Catalogue de la Bibliothèque … de feu M. de Haldat. Nancy [etc.], 1853. 168 p., 5121 lots.

Haldeman, Samuel Stehman, 1812 1880, entomologist, scientist. SEE Edwards, Arthur Mead.

HALES, STEPHEN, 1677-1761, physician, inventor.
Sarton, George. "Stephen Hales’ Library. Query no. 15." Isis, 24 (1930): 422 -423.

Parts of Libraries [of Dr. B. K. Hall and Dr. Octavius Applegate, of Newburgh, N.Y.] [New York]: Anderson, 1907. 19 p., 289 lots. McKay 6384.

HALLER, ALBRECHT VON, 1708-1777, physician.
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HALLEY, EDMUND, 1656-1742, astronomer.
[A Catalogue of . the Libraries of a … Serjeant at Law and of Dr. Edmund Halley … ,20 May 1742] Munby p. 51, reproduced in Feisenberger, pp. 149-296.

HAMILTON, GEORGE, 1808-1885, physician.
Library. Part I. Bibliotheca Medico … Medical Books. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1886. 11 p., 189 lots. McKay 3306.
Library. Part II. Dictionaries. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1886. 34 p., 390 lots. McKay 3320.
Library. Part III. American and European History. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1886. 61 p., 696 lots. McKay 3330.
Part IV,. Biography, Natural History, Fine Arts. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1886. 54 p., 659 lots. McKay 333.
Library. Part V. Poetry and Classics. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1886. 24 p., 341 lots. McKay 3334.
Library. Part VI. General Literature, History. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1886. 38 p., 550 lots. McKay 3341.
Library. Part VII. Theology. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1886. 28 p., 363 lots. McKay 3343.

HARDMAN, JAMES, physician.
Catalogue of an Important Collection of Medical Books of the 15th to the 20th Century. London: Sotheby, 1981. 179 p., 908 lots.

HARDY, JAMES, physician.
Library. London: Leigh & Sotheby, 1806. British Museum List.

HARLESS, CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH, 1773-1853, physician.
Bibliotheca Chr. Fr. Harlesii. Bonn, 1853. 221 p. Waller 18482.

HAROLD, Mr., physician to King William III.
[Sale of his library, 7 April 1714] Munby p. 25.

HARRACH, CARL VON, physician.
Verzeichniss der von weiland dem Herrn Grafen Carl v. Harrach hinterlassenen Büchtersammlung. Wien: Braecklin, 1830. 139 p.

HARRIS, CHAPIN AARON, 1806-1860, dentist,
Library. [New York]: Bangs, 1865. 44 p. McKay 1078.

HARRISON, Dr. M.D. of Colchester.
Library. [sale of 28 February 1706] Munby p. 21.

HAXALL, ROBERT WILLIAM, 1802-1871, physician.
Medical and Miscellaneous Books. [Richmond, Va.]: Kesee, 1872. 12 p., 528 lots. McKay 1709.

HEBERDEN, WILLIAM, 1710-1801, physician.
Talbott, John H. "From the Library of the William Heberdens." Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, 53 (1965): 438-441.

Natural History: the Library of Prof Dr. J. Heimann (with some Additions). Amsterdam: A. L. Van Gendt, 1980. 143 p., 1,550 lots.

HEINEMANN, DANNIE N., 1872-1962, electrical engineer.
Books and Manuscripts from the Heinemann Collections. New York: Pierpont Morgan Library, 1963. 91 p.
HEISTER, LORENZ, 1683--1758, surgeon.
Apparatus librorum nec non instrumentorum chirurgieorum Laruentii Heisteri. Helmstadii: Typis Joannis Drimboni, 1760. 461, [105], 32 p. Waller 18494.

HELD, JOANNES NICOLAUS, 1730-1786, physician.
Verzeichniss der von Weil. dem Herrn … verauctioniret werden sollen. Wezlar, 1788. 384 p. Waller 18495.

HELLINS, Rev. JOHN, d. 1827, mathematician and astronomer.
Catalogue of the Law and Miscellaneous Library of the late Charles Baratty … To Which are Added the Mathematical and Astronomical Books of the late Rev. J. Hellins. [London]: Sotheby, 1827. 21 p., lots 496-787 are Hellins’.

HELLMAN, ALFRED MYER, 1880-1955, physician.
Hellman, A. M. A Collection of Early Obstetrical Books. An Historical Essay with Bibliographical Descriptions of 37 Items … New Haven, 1952. 79 p. illus. Hellman, C. Doris. "Additions to the Alfred M. Hellman Collection of Early Obstetrical Books." The Academy Bookman, 11 (1958): 2-11.

HELLOT, JEAN, 1685-1766, chemist.
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HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, b. 1877, physician.
First Editions and Autograph Letters by George Bernard Shaw. [New York]: American Art-Anderson, 1933. 52 p., 204 lots. McKay 9496.

IIENNERT, JOHANN FRIEDRICH, 1733-1813, mathematician.
Pars bibliothecae qua utebatur viv. clariss … Trajecti ad Rhenum: B. Wild & J. Altheer, [1805] 114 p.

HENRY, MORRIS HENRY, 1835-1895, physician.
Medical Library. [New York]: Bangs, 1893. 49 p., 809 lots. McKay 4153.

HENSEN, VICTOR, 1835-1924, physiologist, marine biologist.
Plankton und pelagische Fauna, Fische, Fischereiwesen, Abeässerfrage. Zum T 1 aus den Bibliothekenie von Geh.—Rat V. Hensen—Kiel und Prof Dr. C. Weigelt—Berlin. Leipzig: Gustav Fock, [1912?] 64 p., l,732 items.

HERING, CONSTANTINE, 1800-1880, homeopathic physician.
Miscellaneous Portion of his Library. [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1884. 31 p., 482 lots. McKay 3079.

HERSCHEL, Sir WILLIAM, 1738-1822, astronomer.
A collection of manuscripts, printed books and pamphlets, scientific periodicals, scientific apparatus, portraits and memorabilia of the Herschel family … [London: Sotheby, 1958] 57-94 p. Forms part of its Catalogue of valuable printed books …

HEURCK, HENRI FERDINAND VAN, 1838-1909, physician.
Voyage Autour de ma Bibliothèque. Livres Populaires et Livres d’Ecole Flamands. Anvers, 1927. 139 p. Waller 18510.
Henri van Heurck Museum. Bibliotheca van Heurckiana: Catalogue of Books Collected by Dr. Henri van Heurck. Compiled by Fernand Schrevens. Antwerpen, 1975. 332 p.

HEUSINGER, KARL FRIEDRICH VON, 1792-1883, biologist.
Vierte Abtheilung der Bibliothek des Herrn Geheimrath Professor Dr. C. F. von Heusinger in Marburg sowie einer anderen hervorragenden Bücher-Sammlung Antomie—Physiologie—Zoologie—Botanik und verwandte Wissenschaften. Erste Abtheilung (Abbé—Lesauvage). Berlin: M. & H. Becker, 1906. 120 p., 3,576 items. Apparently 5 catalogues were issued.

HEWITT, CHARLES NATHANIEL, 1836?-1910, physician.
Keys, Thomas E. "The Medical Books of Dr. Charles N. Hewitt." Proceedings of the Staff Meetings, Mayo Clinic, 16 (1941): 732-736.

HEWSON, ADDINELL, 1828-1889, physician.
Medical and Scientific Library. [Philadelphia]: Thomas, [1889] 42 p., 825 lots. McKay 3794.

HIGHMORE family.
Gordon, J. E. "The Medical Highmore Family and their Books." Practitioner 213 (1974): 858-863.

HILLEBRAND, WILLIAM, 1821-1886, botanist.
Botanical Library; and Other Property. [New York]: Bangs, 1889. 41 p., 690 lots. McKay 3761.

Part of the Library [of Dr. William Hirsch, New York] [New York]: Anderson, 1916. 82 p., 625 lots.

HIRSCHBERG, JULIUS, 1843-1925, ophthalmologist.
Katalog der Bücher-Sammlung von J. Hirschberg, M. Dr. Berlin, 1901. 434 p. "Vom Verfasser überreicht."

HOBBES, THOMAS, physician.
Part of the Library. [London]: 1712. British Museum List.

Rariora: Being Notes of Some of the Printed Books, Manuscripts … Collected (18581900) by John Eliot Hodgkin. London, 1902. 3 vols. Waller 18519.

HOEVEN, JAN VAN DER, 1802-1868, zoologist.
Catalogue de la Bibliotheque Delaissé par Mr. J. van der Hoeven. [Leyde: E. J. Brill? 1868] 215 p.

HOFFENDAHL, HERMANN LOUIS HENRY, 1830 1881, physician.
Medical Library. [Boston]: Libbie, 1881. 31 p., 665 lots. McKay 2771.

Library [of Gilberg Holker, M.D.] [sale: 3 Dec. 1747] Munby p. 53.

HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL, 1809-1894, physician.
Boston Medical Library. Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Presentation by Oliver Wendell Holmes of his Personal Medical Library to the Boston Public Library on the 29th of January, 1889. Boston, 1964. 30 p.

HOLMSKJOLD, JOHAN THEODORE, 1731-1793, botanist.
Catalogus bibliothecae exquisitissime atque nitidisimmae … Theodorei Homskjold … quae publiea auetionis lege … Havniae: Typis viduae Suare, 1794. 406 p.

HOLT, ALFRED FAIRBANKS, 1838-1890, physician.
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HONEYMAN, ROBERT B., JR., engineer.
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HYNDMAN, JAMES GILMOUR, 1853-1904, physician.
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Handlist: I-K

ISNARD, DANTY D’, 1663-1743, physician.
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See also Decaisne’s library, cited in this bibliography.

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KNOBEL, EDWARD BALL, 1841-1939, astronomer.
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Books and Periodicals, Inter Alia, the Important Ornithological Collection of the late Dr … . Utrecht: J. L. Beijers, 1956. 48 p.

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KRELAGE, ERNST HEINRICH, b: 1869, botanist?
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Handlist: L-M

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PULTNEY, RICHARD, 1730-1801, botanist.
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Handlist: Q-R

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RUTTY, WILLIAM, 1687-1730, physician.
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Handlist: S-T

SACHS-BEY, HEIMANNUS, 1832-1879, physician.
Bibliotheca medica. Verzeichniss der von Herrn … nachgelassenen Bibliothek. Breslau Schlctter [1880] 76 p.

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Catalogus librorum quos reliquit Dr. Med. J. J. Albertus de Schönberg. Havniae, 1842. 112 p. Waller 19012.

SCHOOLCRAFT, HENRY ROWE, 1793-1864, explorer, ethnologist.
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SELIGMANN, FRANZ ROMEO, 1808- 1897, physician.

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Library. [Boston]: Leonard, 1875. 92 p., 1,790 lots. McKay 2042.
Bay Psalm Book. [Boston]: Leonard, 1876. 2 leaves, facsimiles. McKay 2141.

SIBBALD, SIR ROBERT, 1641-1722, physician.
[Sale of library, 1st part] Edinburgh: Andrew Symson, 1707. British Museum List. Bibliotheca Sibbaldiana. Edinburgh: G. Drummond & W. Brown, 1723. British Museum List.

SIGMOND, GEORGE GABRIEL, 1794-1847, physician.
A Catalogue of Valuable Miscellaneous and Medical Books. London: B. Wheatley, 1836. 30 p. Grolier Club copy has 21 p., 360 lots.

Catalogue of the Books … Relating to the Emperor Napoleon I. London: Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 1921. 21 p., 185 lots.

SILVE, CHARLES THOMAS, chemical engineer.
Specimens of Fine Printing of the X VI-X X Century. New York: Parke-Bernet, 1946. 116 p., 675 lots.

SIMPSON, WILLIAM PAYNE, b. 1867, physician.
Library; and Other Property. [New York]: Anderson, 1908. 56 p., 665 lots. McKay 6559.

SINGER, CHARLES JOSEPH, 1876-1960, physician, historian of science.
Catalogue of the extensive collection of medical & scientific books … of the late Dr. Charles Singer … [London]: Sotheby [1961] 115 p.

Catalogue of printed books comprising the property of the late Charles Singer and Mrs. Dorothea Singer [et al.] London: Sotheby, 1965. 145 p.

SKILTON, JULIUS A., [d. 1897?].
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SLATER, GERALD E., physician.
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American History and Miscellaneous Books [of Dr. George Smith] [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1918. 64 p., 603 lots. McKay 7984. Perhaps George L. Smith of Philadelphia?, b. 1871, physician?

SMITH, JAMES PERRIN, 1864 1931, paleontologist.
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SMITH, JOHN DONNELL, 1829 -1928, botanist.
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[Library sale of 31 May 1723 of Nathaniel Smith, of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.] Smith, Samuel R., SEE Rodgers, John Kearney.

SMITH, THOMAS, d. 1825?, microscopist, botanist.
A Catalogue of the Entire and very Valuable Library of the late Thomas Smith, esq., of Paper Buildings, Temple, Containing … works in Botany and other parts of Natural History. [London]: Sotheby, 1825. 75 p., 2,344 lots.

SMITHSON, JAMES, 1765--1829, chemist, mineralogist.
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SOLLEY, JOHN BEACH, 1872-1947, physician.
First Editions, English and American Authors. New York: Parke-Bernet, 1946. 599 lots.

SÖMMERING, SAMUEL, THOMAS VON, 1753-1830, anatomist.
Verzeiehniss der Bibliothek des Herrn … [et al.] … Leipzig: T. 0. Weigel, 1855. 148, 203 p., 3,662, 5,496 lots.

SONDHEIMER, FRANZ, b. 1926, chemist.
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The Franz Sondheimer Collection. Los Angeles: Zeitlin & Ver Brugge, 1981. Lists IV, 897 items.

STANLEY, HENRY, physician.
Library. London: At Dick’s Coffee-House, 1723. British Museum List.

STANTON, JOSHUA OTIS, 1837-1891, physician.
Catalogue Sale of the Medical Library Belonging to the Late … [Washington, 1891].

Stearns, Guy Beckley, b. 1870, physician, SEE Dana, Charles Loomis.

Library [of Dr. James H. Stebbins, Jr., of New York]; and Other Property. [New York]: Merwin, 1907. 55 p., 693 lots. McKay 6357.

STEDMAN, CHARLES HARRISON, 1805-1866, physician.
Miscellaneous Library. [Boston]: Leonard, 1866. 57 p., 825 lots. McKay 1173.

Part of Library [of Dr. Theophilus Steele of New York]. [New York]: Merwin, 1908. 45 p., 588 lots. McKay 6580.

STEVENS, JOHN, surgeon.
Library. [London: At Dick’s Coffee-House, 1723] British Museum List.

STEWART, DAVID DENISON, b. 1858, physician.
Miscellaneous and Medical Books. [Philadelphia]: Henkels, 1905. 27 p., 398 lots. McKay 6008.

STEWART, JOHN, mathematician.
[Sale of library of John Stewart, Professor of Mathematics, Marischal College. Aberdeen: Alexander Angus & Son, 1767] Munby, p. 64.

STILLE, ALFRED, 1813-1900, physician.
[Sale of library. Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1901. 63 p., 814 lots. McKay 5266.

STILLWELL JOHN EDWIN, 1833-1930, physician.
Library [of Dr. John Edwin Stillwell of New York]. [New York]: Anderson, 1927. 56 p., 478 lots. McKay 9066.

STOKES, HENRY NEWLIN, b. 1859, chemist.
Library (Books and Periodicals on Chemistry). [New York]: Merwin, 1913. 24 p., 381 lots.

STONE, ARTHUR DANIEL, 1764-1824, physician.
Library. London: S. Sotheby, 1823. British Museum List.

STOUT, ARTHUR PURDY, b. 1855, physician.
Oriental Library; and Other Property. [New York]: Anderson, 1920. 41 p., 518 lots. McKay 8211

STRAWBRIDGE. JAMES DALE, 1824-1890, physician.
Medical Library [of Dr. J. D. Strawbridge of Danville, Pa. Philadelphia]: Birch, 1980. 19 p., 291 lots. McKay 3881.

STREETER, EDWARD CLARK, b. 1874, physician.
Boston. Public Library. Fine Arts Dept. Exhibit of Early Medical Texts … [from the collection of Edward C. Streeter] [New Haven: Printed by the Yale University Press, 1921] 42 p.

STRNAD, ANTHONIN, 1746-1799, astronomer.
Seydl, Otto. [Library of the Astronomer Anthony Strnad, Director of the Astronomical Observatory in Prague 1746-1799] Praha: Publikace Prazske Hvezdarny, 1939. 76 p. Summary in English.

STUCKELEY, WILLIAM, 1687-1765, physician.
Library [sale of 28 April 1766] Munby p. 64.

SUCKOW, LORENZ JOHANN DANIEL, 1722-1801, mathematician, natural philosopher. Verzeichniss der von dem seel. Hrn. Geh. Kammerrath and Prof … hinterlassenen Bücher … Jena, 1802. 132, 62 p., c. 3,000 items.

Library [of Dr. Charles W. Swan of Brookline, Mass.] (Botany, &c.). [Boston]: Libbie, 1904. 96 p., 1,384 lots.

SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL, 1688-4772, mathematician, philosopher.
Catalogus bibliothecae Emanuelis Swedenborgii iuxta editionem primam. Denuo edidit Alfred H. Stroh. Holmiae: Aftonbladet, 1907. 16 p.

SWINDLE, JAN HENDRIK VAN, 1746-1823, physicist.
Catalogues des Livres de la Bibliothèque de feu … Amsterdam, [1824] Wheatland Gift, Harvard.

SYLVESTER, PETER, physician.
Library [London, 1718] Munby, p. 28; British Museum, List.

SYMONDS, BRANDRETH, 1863-1924, physician.
First Editions. [New York]: American Art, 1920. 621 lots. McKay 8903.

TAFT, JONATHAN, 1820 1903.
Kelsey, C. C. "The Jonathan Taft Library Found--Northwestern’s Dental Library." Alumni Bulletin of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, 83-8, 1975.

TALBOT, ISRAEL TISDALE, 1829 -1899, physician.
Library [of Dr. I. T. Talbot of Boston] (Miscellaneous and Medical Books). [Boston]: Libbie, 1911. 125 p., l,603 lots. McKay 6947.

TANNER, HERBERT 13., b. 1859, physician.
Americana [of Dr. H. B. Tanner of Kaukauna, Wis.]. [New York]: Heartman, 1913. 37 p., 368 lots. McKay 7301.

TARDY, P., 1816-1914, mathematician.
Bottazzini, Umberto. "Tardy’s Letters and Library in Genoa." Historic Mathematica, 7 (1980): 84-85.

TATTON, WILLIAM, physician.
Libraries [of William Tatton and Jasper Bennet, physician.] London: J. Robinson’s Shop, 1738. British Museum List.

TAUBER, ELMORE BERNARD, 1879-1941, physician.
First Editions, Sets … the Libraries formed by the Late Edward J. Berwind Selection from the Library of Dr. Elmore B. Tauber. New York: Parke-Bernet, 1939.

TAYLOR, WILLIAM BOWER, 1821-1895, physicist.
Scientific Library. Part 1 [-Part 11] [Philadelphia]: Henkel, 1895. Total of 2,198 lots. McKay 4414 and 4421.

Library. London: J. Sotheby, 1805. British Museum List.

Library (Dickens, &c.) of Dr. Dudley Tenney. [New York]: American Art, 1922. 308 lots. McKay 8515.

TERNE, CHRISTOPHER, 1620-1673, physician.
[Sale of medical books, with preface. 1686]. Munby, p. 6.

THAYER, JOHN ELIOT, 1862-1933, ornithologist.
Catalogue of a Collection of Books on Ornithology in the Library of … Boston: [H. O. Houghton], 1913. 186 p.

THERRIN, ANTOINE FRANÇOIS, 1778-1857, physician.
Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de Feu M. le Docteur Therrin. Paris, 1859. 287 p. Waller 19100.

THEVENOT, MELCHISEDEC, c. 1620-1692, physician.
Bibliotheca Thevenotiana … Lutetiae Paris: F. & P. Delaulne, 1694. 249 p. Waller 19101.

THOMAS, W. H. B., geologist.
Catalogues: Valuable Private Library to Close Out an Estate. Philadelphia: W. W. Weigley, [1898?] 87 p.

THORDARSON, CHESTER, d. 1945, electrical engineer.
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Neu, John. "The Acquisition of the Thordarson Collection." University of Wisconsin Library News, 11:3 (March 1966): 1-6.

THOREK, MAX, 1880-1960, surgeon.
The Renowned Autograph Collection of the Late … New York: Parke-Bernet, 1960. 162 p., 640 lots.

TIEDEMANN, FRIEDRICH, 1781-1861, physiologist.
Friedrich Tiedemann’s Bücher-Sammlung. Heidelberg, 1849. 128 p., about 2,900 lots.

Bücher-licitation … Salzburg: [Gedruckt bey Franz X. Duyle], 1851.13 p., 200 lots.

TONER, JOSEPH MEREDITH, 1825-1896, physician.
"The Toner Library." Medical News of Philadclphia, 40 (1882): 561. Morris, M. F. Memorial of Joseph Meredith Toner. Washington, 1897.

TOVEY, JOHN, apothecary.
[Sale of library, 10 April, 1717] Munby p. 27.

TOWER, JOSEPH, T., 1897--?1930, mining engineer.
The Catalogue of the Collection of Joseph T Tower, Class 41921 in the Institute of Geographical Exploration, Harvard University. [Boston: D. B. Updike], 1933. 184 p.

TOWNSEND, HOWARD, 1823-1867, physician.
Medical Library. [New York]: Leavitt, [1869] 46 p., 709 lots. McKay 1489.

TRAPP, CLAUDE W., b. 1868, physician.
First Editions, Rowlandson Drawings … From the Library of the Late Dr. Claude W Trapp [et al.] New York: Parke-Bernet, 1949.

TRENT, JOSIAH CHARLES, 1914-1948, surgeon.
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Schuman, Henry. "The Josiah C. Trent Collection in the History of Medicine." Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, 46 (1958): 352-366.

TRENT, [PETERFIELD?], 1824-1875, physician.
Medical Libraries of Dr. Trent and Dr. TO … [Richmond, Va.]: Apperson, 1876. 43 p., 1,340 lots. McKay 2091.

TREW, CHRISTOPH JACOB, 1695-1769, physician, botanist.
Olivier, Eugène. "Les Ex-Libris do Christophe Jacques Trew." Bulletin de la Socièté Française de I’Histoire de la Médecine,, 12 (1913): 393--395.

TUCKER, DAVID A., 1890-1958, physician.
David A. Tucker, Jr. Library of the History of Medicine: a Bibliography. Cincinnati: Medical College, University of Cincinnati, 1959. x, 171 p., 1,489 items.

TUCKER, WILLIS GAYLORD, 1849-1922, chemist.
Books on Science. [New York]: Anderson, 1916. 30 p., 290 lots. McKay 7640.

Law, Medical, Scientific. and Miscellaneous Books [of John C. Tubb, Col. C. Crozet and Dr. Tuft] [Richmond, Va.]: Apperson, 1878. 22 p., 673 lots. McKay 2342.

TULLEY, WILLIAM, 1785-1859.
Library (Works on Chemistry and Botany) [of Dr. Tully of Springfield, Mass.] New York: Leavitt, 1859. Advertisement for sale described in McKay, p. 94.

TURNER, DAWSON, 1775-1858, botanist.
Catalogue of the principal part of the library … [London]: J. Day for S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson, [1853] 221 p.
Catalogue of the remaining portion of the library of … London: Puttick & Simpson, 1859. 198 p.

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Handlist: U-Z

UGO D’INGHILTERRA, d. 1294, physician.
Frail, L. "1 Codici di un Medico Inglese del Secolo XIII." II Libro e la Stampa, VI (1912): 1-4.

UGOLINO da MONTECATINI, 1345-1425, physician.
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UGOLINO DI NUZIO, d. 1408, physician.
Giannandrea, A. "Biblioteca di un Medico Marchigiano del Secolo XIV." Il Bibliofilo, VI (1885): 10-11.
Corradi, A. "Biblioteca di un Medico Marehigiano del Secolo XIV." Reprinted from Annali Universali di Medieinia, vol. 272, 1885.

UNDERHILL, ALFRED, 1809 1873, physician.
Library [of Dr. Alfred Underhill, New York]; and Other Property. [New York]: Bangs, 1873. 24 p., 495 lots. McKay 1815.

V----S, T., physician [i.e., VAUX, Sir THEODORE DE, c. 1628-1694?]
Libraries [sale of collections of T. V---S, M.D., et al., 1784] Munby p. 82.

VANDENZANDE, JEAN BERNARD JOSEPH, 1778-- 1833, physician.
Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliothèque de Feu … Anvers, 1834. 448, 46 p. Waller 19126.

VANDER POEL, S[AMUEL?] O[AKLEY??], 1853-1912, physician.
Library; and Other Property. [New York]: Merwin, 1906. 50 p., 675 lots. McKay 6199.

VAN MARLE, JOHANN GOTTLIEB, 1901--1979, businessman and ornithologist.
Books on Birds & Natural History Collected by … Amsterdam: A. L. Van Gendt, 1980. 44 p., 472 lots.

VAUQUELIN, JEAN DES YVETEAUX, 1651-1716, alchemist.
Weil, E. "Jean Vauquelin, Seigneur des Yveteaux (1651-1716), a XVIlth Century Alchemist." Forms preface to Catalogue 10 of Books Mainly Early Scientific and Medical (London: E. Weil, 1947?).

VILA, BARTOLOMÉ, 1503, physician.
Ballester, Louis GarcËa. "Tres BËbliotecas Médicas en la Valencia del Siglo XV." Asclepio, I 8-19 (1966-67): 383-405.

VOGEL, BENEDICT CHRISTIAN, 1745--1825, physician.
Verzeichniss der Bücher-Sammlung des zu Nürnberg vestorbenen … Nürnberg: J. L. Schmidmer, 1827. 220 p., 4,700 lots.

VOLKMANN, ALFRED WILHELM, 1800-1877, physiologist.
Anatomie und Physiologie, normale, pathologische und vergleichende, enthaltend und aus die Bibliothek des Geh.-Raths Professor Dr … .Leipzig, 1881.

VOLLBEHR, OTTO HEINRICH, b. 1869, chemical engineer.
A Catalogue, Dr. Otto Vollbehr Collection of Americana Vetustissima on Display in the Nash Typographic Library … San Francisco … San Francisco: J. H. Nash, 1935. 13 p.
Introduction to a Collection of Book-Illustrations in the Possession of Dr. Otto F. Vollbehr. [n.p.] 1928. 14 p.
One Hundred Incunabula, Duplicates from the Collection of … [New York]: Anderson, 1928. 34 p., 100 lots.
Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima. [New York]: Anderson. 1928. 59 p., 139 lots. Americana Vetustissima. [New Haven, Ct., Quinnipiack Press for] Charles F. Heartman, 1932. 55 p., 125 lots.
Ashley, Frederick William. "A Look Back": thc Story of the Vollbehr Collection of Incunahula … Lexington, Va.: Journalism Laboratory. Washington and Lee University, 1934. 50 p.
Collins, Ross Alexander. The Vollbehr Collection of Incunahula … [Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1930].
Gimbel Brothers, Inc. An Important Collection of Incunabula 1457-1500, Presented by Gimbel Brothers under the Direction of the Hammer Galleries. [New York, 1941] 201 p.
Goff, Frederick R. "Uncle Sam has a Book.- Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress, 48 (Summer 1981): 123-133.
Reichner, Herbert. Die Gutenberg-Bibel der Sammlung Vollbehr … Wien, 1927. U.S. Library of Congress. Loan Exhibition of Incunabula from the Vollbehr Collection … Washingtion: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1928.
Winship, George Parker. The Vollbehr Ineunabula at the National Arts Club of New York … [New York: Pynson Printers, 1926] 17 p.
Schulz, Ernst. Collections of Incunabula and Their Value for Scholars, with Particular Reference to the Vollbehr Collection. Mount Vernon, N.Y.: William Edwin Rudge [1911-?] [32] p.

VOSSIUS, ISAAC, 1618 1689, natural philosopher.
Blok, F. F. Contributions to the History of Isaac Vossius’ Library. Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1974. 47 p.

VROLIK, GERARD, 1775-1859, physician, botanist.
Catalogue de la Bibliothèque d’Histoire Naturelle, de Médecine et d’ Autres Sciences de Feu M. G. Vrolik. Amsterdam: F. Muller, 1860.

VROLIK, WILLEM, 1801-1863, anatomist.
Catalogue de la Superbe Bibliothèque d’Ethnographie, de Zoologie, d’ Anatomie Comparée … Amsterdam: F. Muller, 1865. 105 p.

WALDEYER-HARTZ, WILHELM VON, 1836-1921, physician, anatomist.
Zoogeographic: eine wertvolle Sammlung faunistischer Literature u. a. aus den Bibliotheken der Herrn … , Prof Dr. Brauer, Berlin; Prof. H. E. Sauvage, Boulogne. Leipzig: Max Weg, [1925’?] 178 p., 5,588 items.

WALES, WILLIAM, 1734-1798, mathematician.
Mathematical Library. London: Leigh & Sotheby, 1799. British Museum List.

WALKER, HENRY, 1564, physician.
[Inventory of deceased, aged 68, books willed to Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge] In: Caius, John, Annals of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge Antiquarian Socicty Publications, Series 40, 1904, p. 119.

WALLACE, WILLIAM, 1768-1843, mathematician.
Catalogue of the Valuable Library of the Late … Consisting of an Extensive Collection of Works in Mathematical, Philosophical, and General Literature; together with his Philosophical I nstruments . London? Colston for C. B. Tait, 1843? 28 p.

WALLER, ALEX ERIK, 1875-1955, physician.
Salander, Hans. Bibliotheca Walleriana: The Books Illustrating the History of Medicine and Science, Collected by Dr. Erik Waller and Bequeathed to the Library of the Royal University of U psala. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1955. 2 vols.

WALPERS, G. W., botanist.
Botanische Bibliothek welche am I. Juni 1854 in Berlin … öffentlich versteigert werden soll. Berlin: R. Friedländer & Sohn, [1854?] 63 p., 2,100 lots.

Ward, Richard Halsted, b. 1837, physician, SEE Pitkin, Lucius.

WARE, LEWIS SHARPE, 1851-1918, engineer and chemical technologist.
Catalogue des Ouvrages Spéciaux de Langue Française Concernant le Sucre et l’Industrie Sucrière Composant La Bibliothèque … par A.-J. Sculier. [Paris?]: A. Davy, 1911. 340 p.

WARFIELD, RIDGLEY BROWN, 1864-1920, surgeon.
Library. [Baltimore]: Pattison, 1920. 90 p., l,648 lots. McKay 8235.

WARRE, JOHN, secretary to Robert Boyle.
Library. London, 1717. British Museum List.

WARREN, BENJAMIN HARry, 1858-1936, physician.
Ornithological Library [of Dr. Benjamin Harry Warren of West Chester, Pa.] [Philadelphia]: Freeman, 1930. 63 p., 895 lots. McKay 9248.

WARREN, JOSEPH WEATHERHEAD, 1849-1916, physician.
Books, Autographs and Engravings. [Philadelphia]: Freeman, 1917. 55 p., 865 lots. McKay 7820.

WATSON, IRVING ALLISON, b. 1849, physician.
Libraries [of Dr. Irving Allison of Concord, N.Y., and others] [Boston]: Libbie, 1915. 108 p., 1,422 lots. McKay 7458.

WATSON, JOHN, 1807-1863, physician.
Library of Medical and Miscellaneous Books. [New York]: Bangs, 1867. McKay 1259.

WEBB, THOMAS HOPKINS, 1801-1866, physician.
Library. [Boston]: Leonard, 1867. 74 p., 1,190 lots. McKay 1215.

WEBER, public health officer.
Verzeichniss der vam … [et al.] Halle: ch. Praeger, 1861. 115 p., 3,994 lots.

Weber, Ernst Heinrich, 1795 -1878, anatomist, SEE Wunderlich, Carl August.

WECHSLER, HARRY L., b. 1923, physician.
Wechsler, Harry L. "Etiology of a Bibliophile." International Journal of Dermatology, 14:2 (March 1975): 148-151. The author describes his own collection.

Weigelt, Curt, 1844-1911, zoologist, SEE Hensen, Victor.

WEINBERGER, BERNHARD WOLF, b. 1885, dentist.
The Superb Library of Bernhard W Weinberger, D. D. S., on the History and Folklore of Dentistry. With a preface by Curt Proskaur. New York: Old Hickory Bookshop. [1952] 50 p.

WEISS, JOHANN EVANGELIST, b. 1850, botanist.
Botanik. Hierin die Bibliotheken der Herren … und Lehrer Moritz Goldschmidt in Geisa. München: Dulta, 1920. 46 p., l,080 items. The Weiss may be Johann Evert Weiss, b. 1850.

WENDIE, THOMAS, fl. 1650, physician.
[List of 21 books given to Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge] In: Caius, John, Annals of Gonville and Caius Collcge, Cambridge Antiquarian Society Publications. Series 40, 1904, p. 85.

WERNHER, ADOLPHE, 1809-183, surgeon.
Bibliotheck des Dr. Wernher in Giessen … I. Abheilung [Medizin] Bonn: Matth. Lempertz, 1880. 120 p.

WEST, CHARLES EDWIN, 1809-1900, educator, professor of chemistry.
Library. [New York]: Bangs, 1889. 240 p., 3,186 lots. Autographs and Other Property (Books). [New York]: Bangs, 1895. 61 p., 671 lots. McKay 4406.
The Valuable Art, Literary and Scientific Property. Pts. I-TV. [New York]: American Art, 1901.
Catalogue of the First Portion of the Library … Americana. [New York]: Anderson. 1901. 29 p., 510 lots.
Catalogue of the Final Portion of the Library … Miscellaneous. [New York]: Anderson, 1901. 68 p., 1,281 lots.
Additional Items: and Other Property. [New York]: Anderson, 1901. McKay 5302.

WEST, WILLIAM, physician.
Library. London: Charles Sharpe, 1837. British Museum List.

WHEELER, SCHUYLER SKAATS, 1860--1923, engineer.
American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Catalogue of the Wheeler Gift of Books, Pamphlets and Periodicals … New York: The Institute, 1903.
American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Books and Pamphlets in Wheeler Gift Published prior to 1826. New York: The Institute, 1909.

WHITNEY, GEORGE F., b. 1847, physician.
Bindings, Sets, Autographs &c. [New York]: National Art, 1932. McKay 9411.

WHITNEY, JOSHUA DWIGHT, 1819-1896, geologist.
Catalogue of the Private Library of the Late Joshiah Dwight Whitney, Professor of Geology of Harvard University. Boston: C. F. Libbey, 1911. 145 p.

WIENER, JOSEPH, 1828-1904, physician.
Executor’s Sale. Catalogue of the Library. [New York]: Merwin, 1905. 90 p., 983 lots. McKay 5951.

WILBRAHAM, THOMAS, d. 1782, physician.
Library. London: Leigh & Sotheby, 1782. British Museum List.

WILLIAMS, GEORGE CLINTON FAIRCHILD, 1857-1933. physician, industrialist.
First Editions &c. [New York]: American Art, 1925. 460 lots. McKay 8825. Historical Library. [New York]: Anderson, 1926. 208 p., 879 lots. McKay 8936.

Scientific and Architectural Library [of Dr. L. M. Willis, Charlestown, Mass., and Henry Whitestone of Louisville, Ky.] Boston: Libbie, 1893. 86 p., 1,349 lots. McKay 4218.

WILLSON, ROBERT N., physician.
Medical Library and Surgical Instruments. [Philadelphia]: Freeman, 1916. 24 p., 375 lots. McKay 7644.

Wilson, James, physician, SEE Pemberton, Henry, 1694-1771.

WINTHROP, JOHN, 1606-1676, alchemist.
The Library and Learning of John Winthrop the Younger. Published on the occasion of American Chemical Industries Tercentenary, April 1935. New York, 1935. 6 p. Wilkinson, Ronald Sterne. "The Alchemical Library of John Winthrop Jr. (16061676) and his Descendants in Colonial America." Ambix 11 (1963): 33-51; 13 (1966): 139-186.
Wilkinson, Ronald Sterne. The Younger John Winthrop and 17th Century Science. London and Faringdom: E. W. Classey Ltd. [in press] Includes list of Winthrop’s scientifie library as has been identified, citing 457 titles.

WISTAR, CASPAR, 1761-1818, physician, anatomist.
Books from Their Libraries [i.e., Wistar et al.] Philadelphia: Grelaud, 1821. 12 p. McKay 189.

WITTHAUS, RUDOLPH AUGUST, JR., f846--1915, toxicologist.
Catalogue of the Private Library … Comprising a Collection of Natural History … [New York]: Leavitt, 1877. 66 p., 686 lots.
Portion of Library. [New York]: Bangs, 1897. 32 p., 370 lots. McKay 4676.

Part of Library; and Other Property. [New York]: Anderson, 1915. 31 p., 339 lots. McKay 7512.

WOLF, ABRAHAM, 1876 1948, historian of science.
The History of Science Library of … London: E. P. Goldschmidt, [1943’?] 54 p., 834 items.

WOOD, CASEY ALBERT, 1856-1942, physician.
An Introduction to the Literature of Vertebrate Zoology. London: Humphrey Milford [for] Oxford University Press, 1931. 643 p.

Library (General Literature) [of Dr. Matthew S. Wood] [Philadelphia]: Freeman, 1918. 20 p., 300 lots. McKay 7969.

Library. [New York]: Bangs, 1895. 29 p., 505 lots. McKay p. 228.

WOODVILLE, WILLIAM, 1752-1805, physician.
Libraries [of William Woodville and Thomas English, M.D.] London: Leigh & . Sotheby, 1805. British Museum List.

WOODWARD, JOHN, 1665-1728, physician.
A Catalogue of the Library, Antiquities, etc. London: Christopher Bateman & John Cooper, 1728. 287 p., 4,666 lots.

WORL, EDWARD E., physician.
The General Library. [New York]: American Art, 1915. 77 leaves, 1,250 lots. McKay 7620.

WORSLEY, BENJAMIN, d. 1678, natural philosopher, chemist.
Catalogus librorum in quavis lingua & facultate [Londini]: Per Joan. Dunmore & Ric. Chiswell, 1678. various pagings [c. 175 pp.]

WORTH, EDWARD, 1678?--1733, physician.
Kirkpatrick, T. P. C. The Worth Library, Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin. Dublin: Bibliographic Society of Ireland, 1919. (Pamphlet no. 3).

WRIGHT, NATHAN, physician.
Library. London: T. King, 1808. British Museum List.

WRIGHT, RICHARD, d. 1787, physician.
A Catalogue of the Library of Richard Wright. London, T. & J. Egerton, 1787. 102 p. Waller 19194.

WRIGHT, WILLIAM, 1735-1819, physician.
Library. Edinburgh: Carfrae, 1820. British Museum List.

WUNDERLICH, CARL AUGUST, 1815-1877, physician.
Verzeichniss der von den Herren Prof Dr. C. R. A. Wunderlich … und Prof E. H. Weber, Kgl. Gel,. Medizinalrath zu Leipzig hinterlassenen Bibliothek … Leipzig: T. 0. Weigel, 1878. 113 p., 3,625 lots.

WYNKOOP, GERARDUS HILLES, b. 1843, physician.
Part of Library. [New York]: Anderson, 1909. 51 p., 451 lots. McKay 6657.

Catalogue of Valuable Books and Manuscripts Including the Library of the Late … [et al.] London: Sotheby, Wilkinson & Godge. 1896. 100 p., 1,078 lots.

YOUNG, JAMES, 1811- 1883, chemist.
Bibliotheca Chemica: A Catalogue of the Alchemical, Chcmical and Pharmaceutical Books in the Collection of … Glasgow, 1906. Compiled by John Ferguson. 2 vols. [Reprinted 1954].

YOUNG, JAMES FORBES, 1796-1860, physician.
Catalogue of the Remaining Portion f the Valuable Library of the Late … [London]: S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson, [1861] 78 p., including 574 Young lots.

ZANETINI, Giacomo, d. 1402, pbysician.
Ganguzza Billanovich, M. C. "Giacomo Zanetini (d. 1402), Professore di Medicina: it Patrimonio, la Biblioteca." Quaderni di Storia della Università di Padova, 5 (1972): 1-44.

ZINNER, ERNST, b. 1886, astronomer.
Johns, Gerald. Astronomical Literature in the Ernst Zinner Collection. San Diego: San Diego State College, 1969.

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Catalogues of unidentified owners arranged chronologically

Bibliotheca medico et mathematica Anglo-Latina, cujusdam med. duct. claris. nuperrime defuncti … [London]: 1686. British Museum List.

Catalogus librorum medicorum, tam recentiorum (quam antiquorum. [London]: W. Cooper, 1686. Fulton, p. 89.

Catalogus librorum in variis linguis & facultatibus … being The Library of an eminent Physician … [sale of 27 June 1726] Munby p. 36.

4 Catalogue of Choice Physick Books of an Eminent Physician, Deceased. [Sale of 2 April 1731] Munby, p. 41.

Bibliotheca continens libros selectos in omni genere disclipinarum praecipue vero mathematicarum. Bruxellis: Ex typis A. Wahlen, typographici Aulici, 1827. 69 p.

Select Scientific and Miscellaneous Library of a late Professor of Cornell University. [Philadelphia]: Birch, 1887. 16 p., 283 lots. McKay p. 195.

Private Library belonging to a Noted Geologist of Boston. Sports and Pastimes … Natural and Mechanical Science [&c.] [Philadelphia]: Henkels, 1919. 52 p., 709 lots. McKay 8046.

Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Early Works Chiefly on Medicine, Astronomy. Geography and the Discovery of America, the Property of a Well-Known Collector. London: Sotheby, [1924] 40 p.

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Index by profession

Alchemists: Blomefield, Child, Vaquelin.

Amateurs and antiquaries: Ashmole, Contarini, Folkes, Morton, Patu de Mello, Russell. Apothecaries, pharmacists, and pharmacologists: Blanckley, Flückiger, Marshall, Model, Tovey.

Astrologers: Ashmole, Dee.

Astronomers: Adams, Baily, Bernard (Edward), Bessel, Bowditch, Brahe, Delambre, Flamsteed, Galilei, Gregory, Halley, Hellins, Herschel, Knobel, LaLande, Maskelyne, Rigaud, Zinner.

Biologists: Blainville, Buffon, Hensen, Heusinger, Lamarck, Linné, Marion, Mendel, Pearl. See also: Botanists, Naturalists, Zoologists.

Botanists: Balfour, Barton, Brogniart, Brugmans, Childs, Decaisne, Delessert, Endlicher, Everhart, Hillebrand, Holmskjold, Hosack, Hunger, Krelage, Kunth, Lambert, L’Héritier de Brutelle, Lhuyd, Liebmann, Lindley, Martindale, Martius, Martyn, Paula Gruithuisen, Pultney, Reinwardt, Rivinus, Roper, Sloane, Smith (John Donnell), Teesdale, Turner, Vrolik (Gerard), Walpers, Weiss.

Chemists: Bolton, Boyle, Brugmans, Case, Cavendish, Child, Cooper, Hellot, Hoover, Kekulé von Stradonitz, Kircher, Kirwan, Lavoisier, Raspail, Reti, Robinson, Smith (Edgar Fahs), Smithson, Sondheimer, Stokes, Tucker, West, Worsley, Young.

Dentists: Davidson, Green, Harris, Kingsbury, Rich, Weinberger.

Engineers: Adams, Boyden, Brendel, Case, Chamberlain, Dibner, Edelstein, Gotsehall, Heinemann, Honeyman, Klöden, Lieb, Nystrom,’ Roy, Smeaton, Thorardson, Tower, Vollbehr, Ware, Wheeler.

Entomologists: Audouin, Candèze, Glover, LeConte, Plateau.

Ethnologists: Martius, Schoolcraft.

Geologists and paleontologists: Branner, Brogniart, DeGoyler, Jefferson, Mayfair, Smith (James Perrin), Thomas.

Historians of Science: Boncompagni-Ludovisi, Osler (William), Singer, Wolf. Mathematicians: Adrain, Anderson, Atwood, Babbage, Beman, Bessel, Bowditch, Burckhardt, Chasles, Dclam bre, Ditton, Dodgson, Dunn, Evans, Galloway, Gauss, Hellins, Hennert, Hutton, Kaprinski, Keill, Laing, Lee, Leslie, Leybourn, Mittag– Leffler, Naumann, Newton, Strnad, Suckow, Swedenborg, Tardy, Wales, Wallace.

Mineralogists and metallurgists: Britton, Burton, Child, Kunz, Percy.

Natural philosophers: Digby, Hooke, Kirwan, Leslie, Priestley, Scaliger, Suckow, Vossius, Winthrop, Worsley.   

Naturalists: Agassiz, Arago, Baker, Banks (Joseph), Bonnier, Darwin, Edwards, Ellis,
Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Goethe, Gould, Humboldt, Logan, Marsigli, Oken, Pennant, Ray, Schröter, Shaw, Thayer, Van Marle, Worsley.

Paleontologists, see: Geologists

Pharmacists, pharmacologists, see: Apotheearies, pharmacists and pharmacologists.

Physicians are not listed. They form about four-fifths of the bibliography.

Physicists: Ackeret, Andrade, Bédard, Cavendish, Pauli, Swinden.

Science writer: Decaisne.

Scientific Publisher: Huzard.

Scientists: Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci.

Zoologists: Brauer, Cole, Dahl, Graff, Grenacher, Günther, Keibel, Loekwood, Marshall, Meyer, Milne-Edwards, Parrot.

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